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Our mission at Advanced DermCare is to provide comprehensive Skin Care, including adult and pediatric dermatology, skin cancer surgery, and phototherapy for conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. In addition, we provide cutting edge cosmetic services including laser hair removal, laser treatment of facial telangiectasia (blood vessels) and solar lentigines (freckles), facial rejuvenation, non-surgical wrinkle and stretch-mark treatment, injectables for wrinkles, sclerotherapy and laser leg vein treatment.

We are also proud to introduce our medical spa, the Advanced DermCare Medical Spa, created to promote and maintain healthy, youthful skin in a private and relaxing spa setting. Our experienced aestheticians will design a skin care regimen specifically tailored to your skin type and needs. All medical spa treatments and packages have been carefully designed by our team of physicians.

To schedule an appointment in any of our offices, please contact our scheduling staff at 203-797-8990.

For Advanced DermCare Medical Spa treatments or consultation, please call our spa coordinator at 203-798-6575.

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