Adult Dermatology focuses on the treatment of conditions of the skin, hair and nails in adults. Skin problems can arise from infections, genetic predispositions, environmental irritants, and sun damage. Repeated exposure to sunlight, especially ultraviolet light, can cause a variety of cosmetic and medical problems in our skin. These include skin cancers and pre-cancerous growths, telangiectasia (red or purple “broken capillaries”), uneven pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, thinning of skin, loss of skin elasticity. The damage our skin suffers from sunlight is cumulative and often gradual, so the effects appear as we age and worsen with time. When our skin care experts suspect a skin cancer, atypical mole or would like diagnostic information about a skin rash or growth, we will sometimes perform a simple in-office procedure called a skin biopsy.

Advanced DermCare is proud to have an on-site, highly experienced Board Certified  skin pathologist to assure the most accurate biopsy assessment. When it comes to evaluating your biopsy, nothing can replace having a pathologist who is specially trained and double-Board Certified in both general Dermatology and Dermatopathology. We are one of the only private group practices in the region to offer this important service.

Adult Skin Conditions & Treatments Include:

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