The Titan™ is a safe, non-surgical procedure that uses an infrared light source to tighten skin and reverse the signs of aging. The Titan™ device uniformly distributes heat below the skin, causing collagen contraction, while preserving the outer layer of skin through continuous cooling. This process stimulates long-term collagen rebuilding, leaving patients with younger-looking skin.

What happens during the treatment?

The procedure utilizes infrared light to produce a gentler, more sustained heating of the inner layers of skin down to 2.5mm; the overall skin structure contracts due to the applied heat, causing subsequent collagen rebuilding over time. The Titan™ handpiece delivers five-to seven-second laser pulses to the skin, with continuous cooling used to protect the outer layer of skin during treatment.

Who can be treated with Titan™ systems?

Since the Titan™ procedure is heating tissue under the skin’s surface, patients of any skin type can be treated. Men and women of all ages have been successfully treated. The best candidates are people in their 40s and 50s who are beginning to notice a reduction in their skin’s elasticity.

What areas can be treated?

The procedure tones, lifts and tightens skin on the face and neck and can be used to treat lax, loose or wrinkled skin throughout the body – including the abdomen, thighs and arms. The chin, neck and jowl areas are ideal treatment sites, while loose skin on the stomach, arms, knees, buttocks, and thighs can also be improved.

How many treatments will I need?

Though results may vary, it is recommended that patients have two treatments spaced four weeks apart. Depending on personal goals, additional treatments may be desired.

Do Titan™ treatments hurt?

The laser pulse is often described as a wave of heat that gradually increases and then stops abruptly. The skin-cooling system provides continuous direct cooling of the epidermis during treatment to minimize discomfort. Your Advanced DermCare physician may apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment to ensure a comfortable procedure. Downtime is minimal, and you can return to your normal activities the same say.

When will I see results?

Some people will see immediate skin tightening, but the most dramatic results occur over time as new collagen forms for up to six months after a treatment. The result is long-lasting, tighter skin.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

The Titan™ procedure utilizes a blend of invisible wavelengths of light that are designed to heat the inner layers of the skin while protecting the outer layer. The treatment takes roughly 30 minutes to perform, involves absolutely no cutting or recovery time, and is virtually risk-free. After treatment, it is common to see either no reaction or some mild skin redness and swelling that resolves quickly. Though extremely rare, adverse effects such as skin blistering may occur, but the risk of this is minimized with skin cooling.

How does the technology work to improve the skin?

This process strengthens the dermal scaffolding responsible for giving healthy skin that “tight,” youthful appearance by causing the existing collagen to contract while stimulating new collagen production.

Why use the Titan™?

The Titan™ anti-aging procedure offers the following benefits: 1) Unlike competing technologies, this procedure is well-tolerated and requires minimal anesthesia. 2) Uniform distribution of heat provides for an “even” tightening effect, without lumps or bumps. 3) The cooling tip protects your skin against thermal (heat) injury. 4) The technology uses deeply penetrating wavelengths, stimulating collagen production even in the deepest layers of skin.

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